General Birthday Virtual Party Kit

Each Kit Contains

Host Kit                    Guest Kit

1 birthday hat           1 birthday hat

1 party blower          1 party blower

1 Banner you can     1 Banner you can

write on                    write on

1 Dry Erase               1 Dry Erase 

Marker                       Marker 

3 Balloons                 3 Balloons

1 Special birthday    1 Special birthday 

Treat with candle      Treat with candle  

1-2 Photo props       1-2 Photo props

1 Goody bag with     1 Goody bag with

yummy treats            yummy treats

Activity Book         Activity Book

1 temporary              1 temporary

tattoo                        tattoo

1 Virtual Party Kit      1 Virtual Party Kit

pen                            pen

​​2 Customized           2 Customized

Games                      Games

Games choices include:

Scavenger Hunt/PinTail Donkey/Pin Nose Clown /Trivia/Pictionary /Bingo/ Truth or Dare/Taboo and more     

PLUS Host Kit comes with

A Happy Birthday Pin

Happy Birthday Stickers

1 Special Birthday Balloon

1 Special Goody bag

Directions for


*Adult Supervision of Kits Required


Virtual Party Kits

Packages Available 

2 Virtual Party Kits


5 Virtual Party Kits


10 Virtual Party Kits


15 Virtual Party Kits


20 Virtual Party Kits


Make your party exrra special with a VPK Add-on

Super Hero Adventure

$10 per kit

Mermaid Adventure

$7 per kit

Royal Gold Crowns

$3 for packages of 2-10

$6 for packages of 11-20