Frequently Asked Questions

The answers you’re looking for are always at your reach when you choose to do business with Virtual Party Kit

We’re constantly updating our FAQs below in order to reflect important company updates. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, please reach out - our team is always ready to help.

What comes in each Virtual Party Kit?

Each kit has items that go with the theme (Birthday, Graduation, Spa etc.).  It has everything you would have at a party you were hosting at your house.  Decorations, balloons, games, goody bags, special treats, souvenirs and more.  For a complete list of contents visit the website page for each specific Virtual Party Kit

How will guest send me my gifts?

Hosts are encouraged to make an online gift registry with your favorite store or Amazon.  Include the link to your registry on your invitation.  Guest can mail gifts directly to you so you can open them at the party.

What is a host kit and guest kit?

Host Kit is the Virtual Party Kit that is specially designed for the person of honor or host of the virtual party
Guest kit is the Virtual Party Kit the specifically designed for your guest to take part in the virtual party

How do the different package options work?

Each package has 1 host kit and the rest are guest kits.  Ex. 5 virtual Party Kit is 1 Host and 4 Guest Kits

How will my guests know what to do with the kit?

Each Kit has directions explaining what items are in the kit and suggestions on how to use them.  We highlight instructions like decorate with your banners and balloons before start of party.  Decorating is very quick and easy but looks festive on the computer screen.   No more people just staring at you.

Do I have to mail the kits to my guest?

No, We mail a kit to each guest at the address provided by the Host

What if there is more than one guest in a household do they need separate kits?

No, when the Virtual Party Kit Party Planner calls to gather information please inform them if a household has more than 1 guest.   Party favors, goody bags, games will be provided to 2 additional guests in the same household free of charge.  A minimal fee for more than 2 guests in the same household.

I’ve never done a virtual party before how do I know what activities to do?

The Host kit comes with a suggested itinerary for the Host to follow.  All Games and activities have directions and suggestions on how to play.  All the host needs to do is announce what’s next. 

What games are included?

We have a choice of several fun, unique games that go with the theme of your party.  Some examples include:  Who’s knows the Graduate Best, Pin the tail on the (you choose), Variety of indoor scavenger hunts, BINGO and more.  Our Virtual Party Kit Party Planner will review options with you.

Do you accept returns?

We offer a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours.  Unfortunately once your Kits are shipped out we cannot offer a refund.  The products cannot be returned due to safety concerns and some items are personalized for the Host.

Do you offer Hosting Services or help with Virtual Party websites?

We do offer Hostess services.   If you would like to hire a VPK party planner as a hostess to conduct party activities please fill out our contact sheet for further information.  if you have general questions let us know and we will try to help.

Can I pick my own theme for my Virtual Party Kits?

Yes, all kits are personalized to incorporate favorable colors and other minor personalization effects to Banners.  If you would like a complete party theme that is not offered as a VPK package add-on additional charges may apply.

What if I have my own activities I want to do at my virtual party?

Hosts are encouraged to add their own special activities that will make the party their own.  Virtual Party Kit activities are flexible and can be used alone or with other activities.